How I can support you?

When I talk to someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams, their goals and what is holding them back. And then I help them cut out all the extra things they tell themselves, get them to be honest with themselves and help them get a dream bigger than they ever thought possible and one worth living for. Then, I help them create a path with which they can truly live that dream.

Reaching your dream does not have to be impossible, slow or even hard. To live a life worth living, you simply have to be willing to step out of your usual routine and acknowledge your own power. Stop holding yourself back. You are closer than you think and have more tools than you realize. 

My clients reach higher than they thought they could and lead lives very different from what they settled for, and far above what they thought possible. 

You have so much inside of you, so much to give, and such a large life to live. You are ready for that. And my clients live that. 

My clients do more than they thought possible:  

  • A student I worked with was struggling with her current job and what she wanted out of life. Within our first 30 days of working together she made her first deal with a company for what used to be a year's salary. 

  • One of my clients was struggling in his current job but was blocking himself from dreaming of anything bigger. 3 Months later he got hired 4 positions higher than he was applying for and is now a Senior Engineer at Facebook. 

  • Another client of mine after 2 weeks of working together made more money through his coaching business than I had in my first 2 years. 

  • An Ex-Professional Athlete I worked with, after having seen a lot of slumps in their life, has recently turned their life around entirely. They are now, according to their own words, " a life I never thought I could."

That all being said, my coaching is not for everyone. 

I press buttons on my clients they did not knew they had, push them to do things far outside their comfort zone and put them face to face with things they would rather have never seen. I do this because to get to dreams further out there than you thought you could hope for you have to invest more than you could. That is what I ask of my clients. 

There is a minimum investment of $1,000 and clients pay up to $20,000. But this will cost you more than just money. You must be willing to be courageous, to step outside your comfort zone and need time and effort so that we can create a life that you truly deem worth living.

Are you ready?

Then let's talk. 


Ashley M. Williams,
CEO & Founder of Rizzarr

It is truly an honor to know Lukas and to have the opportunity to work with him! He is one of the most talented, authentic, and empathetic souls that ever have had the opportunity to connect with. His life purpose and many creative contributions not only deep connect to the human experience and uplifting the world, but they also push others to discover their great purpose and their reasons for being on this earth. His impact is not only evident through the millions of people who follow him to engage with his content and speaking, but also through every word that he expresses through his content. I highly recommend him for any role or opportunity that he aspired to take, as I know he will always positively impact others and leave a tremendous ripple effect!

Xeuji Li.jpg

Xueji Li,
Life Coach & Former CEO of Persos Personal Services

Lukas is one of the very best coaches in the industry. Whether you are a student or a millionaire, seize the opportunity to work with him.Imagine you struggled with a challenge in your life. How great would it be to have someone in your corner who supported you unconditionally? Who believed in you, even if you had lost the belief in yourself? Not only that, what if you could shave off years of your learning curve and bypass the need for knowledge and experience to directly download the insights of whatever you needed to realize into your brain? Because this is exactly what Lukas does for you. In fact, when I first realized this, I got angry at myself. I just couldn't believe how much time I had wasted not realizing that you don't have to learn through knowledge or experience. You can learn through coaching. And Lukas will guide you to realize things you would have needed months or years to see on your own. And once you realize it, you will not forget it. This cannot be compared to receiving advice or getting consulted. Through his coaching, I became a happier, healthier, more confident and successful me. In other words: I shaved off 4 years of my learning curve. In only 5 months!

This is the closest thing to magic there is. Thank you Lukas!


Rafael Eliassen,
Motivational Speaker & Certified Happiness Coach

If you want to experience incredible breakthroughs, and you want support from a world-class coach... you need to work with Lukas. He's passionate, authentic and cares so deeply about his clients. If you ever get the opportunity to work with him, do it!