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Group Coaching

Do you want to be part of a High-Performance Group on their way to Success?
Are you sick and tired of working on your own, having to be motivated on your own and not having anyone to support you in your path?

Then sign-up here for your chance at a spot in the new Group Coaching Sessions. 
Group Coaching will be 90 Minutes every week with 3 other people, guided by Coach Lukas. 

This is only for highly motivated, serious and committed individuals as being part of a Group requires much more Responsibility. 
The Request we have is that you can commit to at least 6 Months of Coaching. 

The Price of this Coaching is $300/person for 4 weeks. At a 6 Month Commitment that means you are ready to invest $1800 into Coaching

If you sign up with a full group of 4 People you get a permanent $50 Discount, meaning the price goes to $250/person for 4 weeks, or $1500 for a 6 Month Commitment. 


Please be aware that it may take a few Weeks or Months for us to get back to you with this offer as we want to wait for a full group of like-minded Individuals. 
Should anything change in your ability to commit after you sign-up please use the Contact form and we will remove you from the Roster. 

Apply NOW
Are you signing up with a Group?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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