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What I Believe...

The most common thing I hear from clients is: "I'm fine where I'm at, but I just don't feel like I belong..."

See, most people are satisfied with where they're at... even if they do not quite feel like they belong. They are fine with their life and there is nothing they feel they need to change. However, those people know, deep inside, that it's not everything and that grinds at them day after day. The truth is that if you are not absolutely convinced this is where you belong then you may live to regret it because you know you can still reach higher. If you are not absolutely certain that this is the life you want, then it's not.

Most people believe that they can keep compromising on what they want and still be happy, and they are okay. However, in the end there are so many people leading satisfactory lives that still cry themselves to sleep because it does not feel like what they really want. Because the truth is that at the end of your life you will ask yourself if  you did everything you could. And even though you'll only have to justify your life to you, the answer will still boil down to a simple answer. Either you'll say: "Yes, I did do everything. This was it." or you won't. There will be no in-between. 

Most people believe Success comes from being bold and brave enough to reach for fame, money and luxury, yet they do this fully aware that people that have all of that are still unhappy. For the truth is hard to face. The truth is Success comes from being bold and brave enough to ask yourself if this is truly it and not to settle for less. It means doing what is necessary, not what is easy. 

I believe most people understand this but most are too afraid to take that unknown path for they could fail. 

In doing that, they limit themselves of their full potential for it's easier to settle for something easy than to be brave and bold and dream and work for what you truly want and deserve. 

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