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About Lukas

Lukas is a leading Coach and Writer with over 90 Million views, with articles featured on Time, The Huffington Post, Apple News & more
He has worked with clients from all over the world, increasing their happiness, income or life satisfaction, logging in well over 10,000 hours coaching with over 300 people. 
Growing up as an the oldest of three brothers, Lukas always had a special way of helping people out. Be it friend, family member, or a stranger, Lukas would quickly connect with people on a deep level and make many new acquaintances and friendships.
He was always able to read in-between the lines, to ask the tough questions and to get people to go for what they truly wanted. This drew people to him to ask him relationship advice and to gain some of his positive energy. 
He was always one of the first person people turned to, not only because he went out of his way to help, but also because he was one of the most positive people around. 
Although no one was able to connect the dots back then, these were the first signs of the positive Motivational Writer, Speaker and Life Coach coming to life that he is today.

However, it wasn't a clear cut journey.

At age 18 he found himself lost for the first time. He was apathetic about his life. Nothing seemed to interest him any more and he spent most of his days fueling his video game addiction. He had no idea what to do or where to go.

Over the next 4 years this became worse and worse and worse, eventually leading him to a moment where Suicide seemed like the only option. The despair of his emotions had overwhelmed him, and after a near-suicide-attempt he knew he had to change his life. 

This was the moment where he said "No more." Enough was enough and he would never abandon himself anymore. 

From then on Lukas took his life into his own hands. 

Although he had no clue as to what to do, he began anyway. He started writing and learning as much as he possibly could about how to turn his life around. 

It took him 18 Months to go from being completely and utterly lost to being a Motivational Writer featured on TIME,, The Huffington Post and more, and to be a Coach working with people from all over the world. Millions had read what he had to say and followed his teachings. 

Now Lukas travels around the world, speaking at various events, and coaching individuals from all across the globe on Positivity, Sales, Fulfillment and High-Performance. 

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